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IPPW 2021


Mars Exploration
Thursday, July 8th 2021

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This session will concentrate on current and proposed missions to Mars. Topics may include missions, science, technology, and systems dealing with the in-situ exploration of Mars, such as landers, aerobraking, or entry probes. Contributions to this session can address aspects such as atmospheric science and environment characterization, robotic and human EDL, and sample return.

Session Coordinators:

Ozgur Karatekin (Observatoire de Uccle), Gregorio Villar (JPL), Michelle Munk (NASA-Langley)

Poster Session Coordinators:

Manuel Dominguez (UPC), Jacob Izraelavitz (JPL), Clara O'Farrell (JPL), Lin Li (NASA Langley)

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Virtual Workshop Program (Thursday, July 8th 2021)

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Poster Sessions
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Jeremie Meurisse
3D material response of the MSL heatshield using NuSil-coated PICA
John Thornton
Analysis of the MSL/MEDLI Entry Data with Coupled CFD and Material Response
Carolina Aiazzi
Precision Mars terminal descent with autonomous thrust-augmented hang-glider
Kieran Montgomery
Supersonic retro-propulsion for Mars Entry, Descent and Landing
Jonathan Boustani
Towards Supersonic Parachute Inflation Capabilities within the Launch, Ascent, and Vehicle Aerodynamics (LAVA) framework
Amal Sahai
Dust Particle Aeroheating Calculations for Mars Entry Hypersonic Flows
Stanley Krześniak
Martian Microprobe Entry, Descent, and Landing System
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Session Video & Archive
IPPW 2021
Mars Exploration
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